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Sometimes, the fear of losing a tooth and living with an incomplete smile and decreased function can prevent patients from taking care of a dental problem quickly. Some patients will suffer from seemingly unbearable tooth pain because they do not know what the best solution is for providing immediate relief. Whether a tooth must be removed or it is already missing, dental implant placement is the best restorative solution to ensure the long-term health of the mouth. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Mike Harris, Dr. David Park, and Dr. Jared Brown provide patients with a variety of restorative solutions utilizing dental implants, which not only eliminate tooth pain but also restore a beautiful new smile that patients will be proud to show off.


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Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Why dental implants at The Dental Implant Specialists, Provo Utah

Dental implants are arguably the most desirable dental restoration procedure available to patients. If you are missing one or several teeth, dental implants offer a permanent and natural-looking solution. Dental implants are a welcomed alternative to dentures or bridgework that typically do not fit well or offer long-term results. The procedure is safe and has proven to be the closest you can get to achieve the look of natural teeth. Dental implants were developed to offer the best solution that will allow you to eat, smile, talk, and laugh with confidence.

Our Practice

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The team at The Dental Implant Specialists in Provo, Payson and South Jordan, Utah, takes pride in providing genuine care and the best experience to every patient who walks through the door. Dr. Mike Harris, Dr. David Park, and Dr. Jared Brown are board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons and experts in the restoration of teeth with dental implants. It is our priority to consider patients’ needs and address any concerns so that you feel completely informed and comfortable moving forward with your tooth replacement.

We strive to provide the highest level of care to patients throughout Provo, Payson, and South Jordan and the surrounding Utah and Salt Lake counties. We’re invested in positive patient outcomes and experiences and hold our team and practice to the highest care standards. Each doctor in our practice has earned both a dental degree and a medical degree and is certified by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Our offices are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Our approach to your care is truly unique and focused on fully restoring oral function through implant dentistry.

OMS vs. Other Dental Professions

7 questions you should be asking your doctor before you have an implant.

1) Are they a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS), and how much experience do they have?

Many dentists advertise that they do dental implant procedures and may offer discounted or low-cost implants. However, they do not have nearly the training or experience that an OMS has. Many dentists will typically take a weekend implant course are trained by other general dentists, or they may say they place many implants. However, it is highly unlikely that they can offer the same quality of care. The surgeons at The Dental Implant Specialists have completed formal residency programs and have obtained both a medical and dental degree.

Due to advances in surgical technology patients who were previously told they were not candidates for implant placement, now have the option when being seen by a specialist. In many cases, the fees are more expensive in a general dentist office vs. a specialist because of the extended length of time required by other dental practitioners to complete the procedure. Why pay more for a longer appointment due to less expertise?

2) How do they manage their complications?

Ask if there is a charge for follow-up appointments if a complication arises. If there is a problem — for example, pain after hours that has not resolved — will the patient be sent to the ER, or can they come to the office for prompt personal care? In our opinion, unless the situation is life-threatening, there is no reason a patient should need to visit the ER.

3) What is their implant success rate?

Practitioners who are placing implants should have tracking systems in place. The Dental Implant Specialists have placed thousands of dental implants with the success rate of at least 95%. We closely track and monitor each doctors implants and their success rates through performing annual quality improvement studies.

Questions to consider if you choose to undergo anesthesia for your procedure.

4) If receiving anesthesia, is the person administering the anesthesia a board-certified physician?

Our board-certified physicians provide expert level anesthesia and monitoring before, during and after surgery. They have completed rigorous anesthesia training beyond dental school, so they can properly respond to any emergency situation and keep you or your loved ones safe.

5) How will I be monitored during the procedure in going under anesthesia?

There should be at least two other staff members in the room who are trained and prepared to recognize and respond to crisis situations. There should always be vigilant monitoring. Ask if the office has EKG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and end-tidal carbon dioxide monitors. If your doctor doesn’t have all of these, this should be a red flag. It is also appropriate to ask about the office’s safety record and if the doctor has ever been the subject of disciplinary action from a professional board or local government.

The surgeons at The Dental Implant Specialists perform their surgery in an accredited facility. Our facility is accredited by the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), and we are the only oral & maxillofacial surgeons in the state of Utah to have an accredited facility by AAAHC. This means that we have met the most rigorous requirements for patient care. Any time that you are undergoing a surgery that requires IV sedation or anesthesia, you should ALWAYS have the surgery completed at an accredited surgery center. This ensures the safest outcome possible for the treatment.

6) Does the doctor and his staff keep up with and know what the requirements are for Advanced Cardiac Life Support re-certification?

Your doctor should always have current ACLS certification, and the staff should all have CPR training AT A MINIMUM. The team at The Dental Implant Specialists have all these certifications. In addition, we conduct quarterly disaster drills and emergency training for team continuing education.

7) Do they have systems in place to continuously check the resuscitation equipment and medications?

For facilities that administer sedation medications, this is not optional. Complications are not scheduled! Being prepared is vital. It is very important to regularly check to make sure all of the equipment is functional, and all the medication that is needed during resuscitation is present and not expired. This is a basic requirement for an accredited facility such as ours.