Tooth Extraction & Dental Implants in Provo UT: Karlie

By July 28, 2017Reviews

“I looked at some reviews and came in to see Dr. Harris. I called a couple minutes later; they said, “Come on in.” I was so happy because I was in so much pain. So, I came over, and they did some X-rays really quickly and they said, “Yeah, there’s definitely an infection in there.” The root wasn’t totally gone, and then the post was really big, and so that was what was causing my pain. He extracted my tooth, also did a bone graft. It was really comforting to me, reassuring to me that I came in, he did an X-ray, said, “This is exactly the problem. I could do this and probably not save your tooth, and it would cost you a lot of money, or I could totally go in, take it out, do a bone graft, do an implant, and you’re guaranteed that it’s fixed and that it’s going to work.” And that made me feel so much better because I wasn’t the one that had to make the decision. It was really just a positive experience in my book.”

– Karlie